90 Second Website Builder

I know that 90 Second Website Builder software isn’t brand new but it’s new to me and I had to share this review with you. I’ve used Microsoft FrontPage and Dreamweaver in the years past and I found both of them to be pretty hard to learn. They’re both great programs but for the average internet user who wants to make their own web pages, there needed to be an easy alternative. The price of FrontPage and Dreamweaver is also a reason that most people don’t own them, they’re both very expensive to buy.

Do yourself a favor and take a moment to watch the following video and see how you could be building your own professional looking web sites in matter of minutes! I’m serious, you can be using 90 Second Website Builder software as soon as you download it and install it on your computer. The learning curve is practically non-existent! Watch this and you’ll see what I mean:

Okay, now you see what I mean! 90 Second Website Builder software is by far the easiest software I’ve ever used but it’s also one of the most powerful programs I’ve used. I created a couple of landing pages or squeeze pages within an hour of getting the program installed on my computer. This really is a ‘no-brainer’ if you would like to be able to create your own web sites. Get the program now and start using it, it comes with a guarantee, so you can’t lose! Grab Your Copy HERE!

Google Listing Tool

Have you ever wondered how your web sites rank in Google’s listing for certain keywords? Now you can find out in a matter of minutes after downloading and using the Google Listing Tool software. This is a completely free program that is simple to use and even comes with a step-by-step tutorial so you can be using it immediately.

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to find out where your sites rank in the Google listings:

You can get your free copy of Google Listing Tool Software by putting your first name and email address in the sidebar to the right, underneath the picture of the product. We hope you enjoy using this program and will post a comment as well. Have a great day and thank you for stopping by our blog!

Butterfly Marketing 2.0 Almost Gone!

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Once these go, we will hit the 14,000 Mike Filsaime said he’d close the doors so they can conduct a full audit and ensure everyone gets their course in the mail.

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Butterfly Marketing 2.0

Some Great News About Butterfly Marketing 2.0

This is a very short post to let you know I’ll be posting again tomorrow to let you know that if you haven’t already gotten your copy of Butterfly Marketing 2.0 from Mike Filsaime, it’s not too late. You can literally get the software for nothing more than the cost of shipping and handling and save yourself about $2000! If you can find a better deal than that in this economy, please let me know about it, I want in too!

Stop back by tomorrow on April 1st and I’ll give you more information about this opportunity or if you can’t wait that long, you can go ahead and get your copy HERE

Take care and I’ll see you tomorrow!

The Total Blogging Solution

Recently, I was having several different challenges with my blog and I was getting pretty frustrated because there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to go for help when you need to fix things in Wordpress. I was desperate to get my blog problems worked out so people could leave comments and so I could change my theme without fear of something going crazy and disappearing! Anyway, I’m sure you’ve probably been there, done that and have a t-shirt to prove it (so to speak). Luckily, a friend of mine happened to mention that she’d found someone who’d helped her get her blog up to speed and she told me there were called Blogging Beginners.

I don’t really consider myself a beginner but after reading the page I found out that they offered much more than the normal, “Go to blogger.com and a start blog” that everybody is charging outrageous prices for.

They not only offer the basic set up your blog knowledge that you can find all over the internet but the also show you all those little things that have been holding you back.

I actually went to Mark (Wizzer) Wilson’s blog to see what I could learn and there are tons of posts on there to help you learn things about your blog. I was needing specific help so I sent Mark a message and told him my problems. Much to my surprise, he responded very quickly and went on to help me fix all of my problems! He even went so far as to enter a chat with me on Skype and spent about a half hour with me until we got the problem fixed. Then after changing my theme to a much more manageable one, I had a small issue I couldn’t fix and when I asked him about it, he made a 5 minute video and sent it to me with detailed instructions on how to complete the process — I was blown away! Mark and Randy are my idea of what customer service should be everywhere. They are both very generous men who seem to be focused on nothing but helping you with your needs and teaching you everything they can.

Randy The Hermit (one of the founders of the site) is a search engine optimization expert and he shows you how to configure your blog for the search engines. What plug-ins you should have, how to set up your permalinks, even how to find a niche and do your keyword research and this just scratches the surface of what you get.

Wizzer (the other founder of Blogging Beginners) will explain to you what RSS is, how to use it and how to give some one a bonus for signing up to your RSS feed. Then he takes you into building a list with your blog and why and how to use Twitter.

All the videos are easy to follow and they put them in a PDF format. I had never seen videos in a PDF file before and I had to upgrade my PDF reader to watch them but I like it. All the resources are right under the video and just a click away and the best part is, if you want to watch something from the 29th minute of a 40 minute video you don’t have to wait for the whole video to download again. You just open it up and go to the spot you want by dragging the control bar. They have a video online that shows you how to do this.

They also provide you with content for your blog. Every month they give you ten new niches you can choose to work with and twenty five posts for each niche which can save you a lot of work.

I thought I was an experienced blogger but I opened their Fast Start Guide and went through it quickly and I was surprised at what I didn’t know. I was also surprise at the guide it takes you from knowing nothing to having your own blog up and running, optimized for the search engines and customized for you in an easy to follow step by step process.

But I haven’t even told you the best part. If you are like me you have probably purchased a few other courses and you get part way through them and you get stuck because there is something you don’t quite understand. Frustrating isn’t it? The worse part is you go to the people that sold you the course and you ask them and all they do is try to sell you something else.

Blogging Beginners will answer YOUR questions. That’s right as part of the membership you can request videos on anything that has to do with your blog and they will provide them not only for you but for all the members. So maybe you had a question and didn’t ask it the solution might show up because another member asked.

Now you are probably thinking this is another one of the $500 per month coaching services. Well, it is but it won’t cost you anywhere near $500 per month it won’t even cost you $100 per month or even $50 per month.

But because they do answer your questions membership is limited, they can’t answer 1000’s of question per week. I can’t even tell you how highly I recommend that if you are serious about making money with a blog that you sign up while you can for their unbelievable price. Mark and Randy give the term “over-deliver” a whole new meaning! Just click on the link below and you can get started in a matter of minutes.