How are you treating your Customers?

If you have not seen the inspirational video telling the story about the grocery store bagger, then you need to take a few minutes and watch it. This is just a short little story. Something to think about at the beginning of this new year.

Please watch the following video clip — it is a story of Johnny, the grocery store bagger. It is very short, but it will remind you of why and how we make an impact in what we do.

You may even want to share it with others, and I hope you will.
It’s amazing how one young Down’s Syndrome bagger made such a wonderful impact on those customers lucky enough to have Johnny bag their groceries! Simple Truths

2 Responses to How are you treating your Customers?

  • Wizzer says:

    Hi Kevin, in my opinion unless you treat your customers and prospective customers as though they are the most important person to your business you are doing yourself a dis-service. Great video – good find. Mark

  • Kevin says:

    Hi Mark,
    You’re exactly right about that, I’ve always had some type of work that involved making sure the customer was always number one! Thanks for your comments!

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